2013-07-04 - 2:22 a.m.

We have a house full of people right now. I am exhausted. I spent the entirety of my three days off this week cleaning and organizing things. Man, we've just gotten so far off track around here. I swear that I spent all of Sunday just cleaning drawers and the refrigerator. I mean, like eight plus hours a day I spent cleaning. Anyway. It's done. The house feels great and I think Eric and I both feel a bit revived...motivated to keep working. Eric actually took some days off to finally attend to a bunch of piles of shit he had completely filling the living room downstairs. It feels incredibly AWESOME to finally have those piles of stuff out of my sight.

Anyway, the house is full of people and it's possible that Eric is going to come and sleep in my bed with me tonight and I am being a pissy baby about it. I know, I know...people think we are SO weird for sleeping in separate rooms but I am pretty sure we are totally sane and that we are smart for doing so. There are couples out there who are sleep compatible and yay, good for you! We simple ARE NOT. We are completely sleep opposite. I like dark and silent sleeping. I can't stand the noise of the fan (although tonight I will probably have no choice but to sleep with the fan because it's gross hot out) and Eric has to sleep with a fan almost every night. But more than the fan...I cannot sleep with noise other than nature AT ALL. And Eric has to fall asleep to the TV. I am also a sprawler. I take up my entire kind size bed. And I like to be cold when I sleep and Eric is a veritable furnace. So yeah. All the beds and couches are taken up by people right now and Eric has fallen asleep in a chair downstairs and I'm doing everything I can to not wake him up so I can prolong my bedroom solitude.

That is all.


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