2013-06-27 - 1:44 a.m.

We had a really busy night at work tonight. It was fantastic! I love being busy like that. Somebody gave me a $50 tip at the end of the night and when I asked why (their bill was only $30) he said it was because he had never seen anybody handle a busy bar like I did and he was extremely impressed and said that I not only exceled at my profession but that I dominated. DOMINATED BITCHES! Anyway. I made almost as much money tonight as I normally make in a week. And I was super busy and I was super efficient and it was awesome. I keep telling my boss that I work better alone. I really, really do. I had as much in sales as two of us on the bar on Saturday and I was far more efficient and not one server had to wait for a drink all night. Not even for a ten top. Man, I RULED!

Also. On Monday I had kind of a disaster day at home. Things caught on fire, things broke...etc. I stepped on a lot of broken glass. I thought I got it all out of my foot but apparently not. My foot started throbbing at some point tonight and once I got home to examine it I found a pimple like thing on the bottom of my foot that was full of disgusting puss. And with all the disgusting puss came out a chard of glass. Gross. I am so gross.

Tomorrow I have to drive to the vet (and hour and a half round trip) because I was supposed to give Bear a second shot of antibiotics today but when I pulled it from the drawer I noticed that it had turned a weird color so I called the vet to see if this was normal before I injected him and they told me that it was supposed to be kept in the fridge except nobody told me that when they gave me the's not typed anywhere on the prescription even. So it's useless. And so tomorrow I have to go get another one. And I'm pissed off. I am SO sick of driving to the vet. I am so sick of driving to the vet that I've decided that when I go there tomorrow I am going to demand that they instruct me on how to give vaccinations because ernest is due for his booster and I'll be damned if I am driving back there again this week. I need to know how to give vaccines anyway. It would save me a ridiculous amount of money.

I am probably not going to be able to sleep again tonight. Last night it was that god damn filibuster and tonight I am way too wound up. Tonight will be an Ugly Betty marathon until I pass out.

That is all.


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