2013-06-25 - 12:28 a.m.

What a day! Jesus! I had to wake up early because the FUCKING WATER SOFTENER PEOPLE HAD TO COME BACK AGAIN. So I was already all pissy about things. And, after several days of not letting that god damn cat outside, I had to let him out because he was freaking out and you know how I feel about stress and how dangerous it is. All night I kept waking up thinking that I should get up and let him out as soon as the sun comes up and then get him in before it gets to hot and that way he would be satisfied and I would not have to feel so guilty. But...he left for the entire day. And I was in a panic for most of the day. The good news is that the vet called and his blood results are finally normal. And his xrays the other day were much better than before. So he's on the mend. She thinks he will always have respiratory issues and so he has to be on the steroid forever probably. Anyway, it started raining right after I hung two loads of wash on the line and the god damn cat came home.

In other cat news. I always let the other cats (the "indoor" cats) out for a couple hours in the morning. This allows them to get some sunshine and fresh air and to maybe go to the bathroom someplace other than the litter box (less cleaning for me!) and it makes me feel good. They love going outside. Beaker has been a shit about going outside since the second summer we had him. The first summer he stuck around the yard like a good cat. The second summer he started darting right over the fence the second I let him out. He's continued that trend for the past three summers. Today he brought me a baby bird. He brought it right into the house and into the kitchen where he dropped it at my feet. I scooped it up and checked it to see if it was still alive and decided that it was not alive. So I wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in a box so I could bury it later. I felt terrible. I hate it when the god damn cats kill things. I put the box out in the garage and went about my business. Several hours later I checked the bird just to make sure it was, indeed, dead. And I swear it was. So a couple hours after that, I let Beaker out into the garage because he likes to dink around out there. I noticed that he was staring intently at that box so I looked in and found the bird standing upright and out of its paper towel shroud. So I scooped it up again and brought it in for closer inspection and shit, the poor little thing was not well. I nestled him into a little basket and brought him out to the tree where I think he was stolen from hoping his mother would find him but that never happened. So I brought him in before it got dark and the raccoons came out. He died a couple hours later. Horrible.

And then...during that whole episode...I opened the door to the garage and there was Beaker with a chipmunk in his mouth! I don't know what has gotten into him! I don't even know where the chipmunk came from?? There can't possibly be any chipmunks living in the garage. Anyway. I screamed and Eric came out and Beaker dropped the chipmunk and it ran away and I opened the garage door and hopefully it ran out and hopefully it doesn't die from infection and jesus god! These cats!

Also today I plugged the vacuum in and it caught on fire! For real! It caught on fire! And it shorted out the entire circuit and I thought it had frizzled the TV and computer because I couldn't get anything to turn back on but then I realized that for some reason we have a fuse box in the utility room with some fuses and another fuse box all the way out in the garage with some other fuses. So it was all good. I flipped the switch and everything turned back on. I just have to go buy a new vacuum tomorrow.

I also organized my clothing today. I organized actual outfits so that if I need to run to the store I can just grab a running to the store outfit or if Eric says, "let's go out for a drink," I have an outfit for that too. I have a problem finding things to wear quite often. So then I'll just not go out.

That is all.


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