2013-06-11 - 9:14 a.m.

I took the day off yesterday. I mean, I really took the day off. Aside from doing five loads of laundry, I did nothing else except watch movies and read in bed. I ate toast for dinner and left Eric to fend for himself (and I believe his choice for dinner was a couple bites of left over pasta and cookies.)

So I have a lot to do today but I am super motivated to get it done now and I'm not all pissy about doing it all like I usually am. I need to take more days off. I do have to go to the vet this morning so perhaps after that ordeal I won't really feel as motivated and happy about cleaning as I do now.

I'm finally taking Ernest in to get his shots and a micro chip which means he is officially ours even though I am still rather certain that he belongs to somebody around here. He lived all winter in the house though. And no one put up signs or came looking for him. And he was in bad shape when he first moved in here anyway. Remember that GIANT abcess on his back that exploded all over me one night when I picked him up after he showed up in the driveway at midnight? Any decent cat owner would have taken care of that before it got to that level of hugeness and disgustingness. And he sure as fuck shouldn't have been outside at midnight. Anyway, after spending a winter with us, he's now beautiful and healthy. So, he's mine. I have no idea how he will behave in the car.

I am totally sick of going to the vet. But, this house is full of senior citizen cats so I don't expect the weekly or twice weekly visits to the vet to end anytime soon.

I woke up this morning with instant dread about having to go back to work tomorrow. This is not good.

I have three more minutes to sit here before I have to get up and get ready to go. Now, two more minutes. It would be nice if I could find something happy and positive to report about in these next two minutes. I depress the hell out of myself sometimes when I write these recent diaryland entries. I'm not living very well these days. I'm not DOING anything. At all. The next sixty years are going to be long and boring if I don't get this party started.


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