2013-05-21 - 11:00 p.m.

Well, that damn cat did not come back yet. I've moved the camera downstairs into the spare bedroom (where he has been living for the past month) and I opened the window and I am watching intently for him on my phone while I'm on the computer dinking around upstairs. Technology is wonderful.

When the little shit does come back I am not letting him back out for a long, long time. I've never had this happen...that a cat in my care has left voluntarily for an extended amount of time.

Eric was kind of dick-y about the whole thing but not as dick-y as I thought he would be. I appreciate his concern. I've turned him into a crazy cat man.

The week is not going as I intended it to go. I had wanted to clean and organize and exercise before returning to work tomorrow. I actually have been cleaning and organizing both of my days off. Yesterday I worked for twelve straight hours on shit. Today, in between walking around the yard looking for that damn cat, I spent a fair amount of time at it too. But I didn't exercise. I had kind of fantasized about going for long walks both days but it's been way too hot for me to do that. So I should have gone to the gym. But I didn't. I am really back pedaling here. I KNOW full well that my back pain AND my depression are directly related to my NOT exercising. But my back hurts too badly and I'm too depressed to get out there and do it. I need to become more dynamic. I am losing it.

Anyway. That is all. Work week starts tomorrow. I will get through it and then I will try again next week to pull this shit together.


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