2013-05-22 - 10:57 a.m.

Even though I told myself I wouldn't, I stayed up basically all night watching for that damn cat to come home. And he never did show. Until this morning at almost the exact time I normally wake up anyway. So he's not going back out now until Eric says it's OK. I was wrong. Maybe Eric will be right. Or maybe, like my mother says, this cat will never follow my rules.

So today I will now madly finish up some of the tasks I didn't get to yesterday while I was walking circles in the yard trying to find the cat. And then I will go to work. I forgot that this is a week when I only work three shifts (I'm trying to do that at least once a month for now to see if that helps any). Just like the last time I took an extra day off, Eric is planning to have his uncle come over that day to work on my Honda so we can sell it. Ninety nine percent of me hopes that they cancel this shin dig because I would like to enjoy my day off. I would like to go to the gym and read in a hammock. But I know, I know, we need to get this car out of here. We need the money. And it's not good for the car to just sit there. I guess if the uncle does come over I will still go to the gym and then maybe I'll go to a Salvation Army or two in different towns than I usually do. I always want to check out a couple of the others but I never really get around to it.

I'll be so sad to see my car go. Man, I love that car. But it was never perfect for me (I will never have a two door car again) and it's much smarter for me to keep the Prius and sell the Honda instead of the other way around. The Prius is a good car but I don't like how it handles and it's uncomfortable for me in general. I can't fit a cat carrier in the front seat comfortably and the cup holders are stupid and blah blah blah. I'm also going to miss my Honda because having it in the driveway made a good spot to hide cat food from the fucking dog that runs around our neighborhood all day long. On nights when I have to go to work before the stray (or maybe just hungry) cats show up, I would leave their food under the car. I can't leave it out on the porch because that dog will eat it, but he can't (usually) get it from under the car. I also liked the car there because it gave the cats a safe spot from the dog.

Anyway. That is all.


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