2013-05-21 - 6:12 p.m.

Oh god...I'm in trouble.

That little black cat who has not been so easily tamed is probably going to cost me a divorce now.

I've had him inside for weeks now. He gazes longingly out the window. He looks unhappy. Especially when everybody else is outside his window lying about in sunbeams and getting cooled by lovely breezes. So last week I told him that I would let him out this week. He's been doing really well for the past week. I can pet him whenever I want to and just seemed pretty confident to me. But Eric said NO. NO the cat can't go out until he purrs when we pet him. So yesterday was so hot and gross and I let the damn cat out. And he ate about forty pounds of grass and then sauntered back into the house and went to sleep. So today I let him out again. And he left. The fucker left. And he still hasn't come home and Eric will be back any second and I'm going to have to explain this and then the night will be all stressful and angry and FUCK! Why did I think I knew that cat so well?

Anyway. I am sitting outside waiting for him right now. I can't say this is all bad. If it were just me living here I wouldn't be so freaked out because I know this cat WILL come back. But because I have another person involved in the decision making here...I am sitting out here with a glass of wine and computer and a magazine which I will read after I make this post. It's actually kind of welcome because I haven't really sat down to relax during daylight hours in a really long time.


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