2013-05-18 - 11:21 a.m.

And the award for the worst doctor in the world goes directly to the person who saw me on Tuesday about my back pain. Not only did she not even touch me or look at anything but she still hasn't called with my blood results. On Tuesday she took blood and told me she would call on Wednesday with the results because you know, I told her I didn't want to be treating a kidney problem (that's where a lot of the pain is) with yoga and I ESPECIALLY didn't want to be taking ibuprofen if it was a kidney or liver problem.

Anyway. Wednesday came and went with no phone call so on my way to work on Thursday I called the office and the girl asked for my name and said she would look up my chart and then she says she needs my number because the doctor will have to call me back. Which makes me panic because at first she made it sound like she was going to tell me the results and then she says the doctor has to call me which immediately makes me think there is something terribly wrong. So I get to work all freaked out (which I usually do on Thursday anyway*) and bug eyed and wait for the call. Finally, at 5:45 they call and say...hello, we are just calling to tell you that your doctor is on a small vacation (WHAT??) and won't be back until Monday at which time she will call you with the results of your bloodwork. MONDAY. So in the meantime I am just treating my possible kidney problem with ibuprofen and half assed yoga.

My back is actually feeling quite a bit better. I am now pretty certain that sitting down is the cause of all these problems. Obviously I need to take care of that. Even sitting down for fifteen minutes to eat my lunch is uncomfortable.

*Thursday is a big freak out day for me. On Monday I usually clean the house all day so that on Tuesday I can run errands, go to the gym, work in the yard, that sort of thing. Then Wednesday starts my work week so I get up, do some chores, make food for my lunch/Eric's dinner, do some more chores, eat, get ready and go to work. So Wednesday is all controlled and clean and organized. But by Thursday the order in the house is already falling apart and I realize that I need far more time than the amount I have in which to put things back together and I still have three more work days ahead of me. So I bust ass all day to try to get things ready for the weekend and I normally arrive to work all frazzled and disheveled. Friday is much the same for me except that I know that I am really close to it being Sunday and a day off.

Tomorrow I am going to let that black cat outside. That little fucker better not run away.

Work has been really nice lately. I'm in my summer section which makes me happy. Since I don't get many bar guests during the summer when the patios are open, I am given tables inside the restaurant. I love it. It's nice and quiet and cool inside the restaurant and I make great money because even though I am not waiting on as many people as I do in the winter with a full bar...the tickets are higher priced because I am selling more food than drink. I'm still not digging the late nights (I got out early last was incredibly nice to be home and have everything done and be in bed before midnight, it was luxurious, in fact.) and I really should have stuck with my original request that my schedule be split up between serving shifts and bartending shifts. Unfortunately my boss wants me behind the bar. Which is fine. I like the extra responsibility (only because it makes me less dependent and more efficient...I hated my last restaurant job because every time I had to void or promo something from a guest check I had to find the owner and he was never around. Now I am the person who does the voiding and promos.) and the extra three dollars an hour is something I guess.

So that is all.


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