2013-04-21 - 2:47 a.m.

I am never going to get to sleep tonight. We were crazy busy tonight (and all week, in fat) and I feel like I've had forty gallons of coffee even though I am exhausted. I cannot stop moving. Normally we will die down at a certain point in an evening and then I get a gradual slowing down of my movement and thought but I was busy busy busy tonight even as I walking out the door at the end of the evening. And then I got home and had to medicate some cats and do my normal end of the night stuff and I AM SO TIRED but I am so wound up! And I LOVE it! It was great to have a busy week. I need to feel like I worked. This winter has been hard. It's not that we weren't busy or making money at work, but we weren't crazy busy and not being crazy busy is too easy for me. I need crazy busy. Its invigorating.


Had an interesting week. My cat Sully was still not doing well even after that three week treatment he had been on. I was scared to take him back because I was not prepared to hear that there was nothing more that they could do and that I would have to put him to sleep. So I waited until I couldn't wait any longer (he looked very uncomfortable) and took him back and sure enough, his chest x-ray showed that his lungs were full of something. So I was sure this was it. But his bloodwork came back better than the last time and after closer inspection of the xrays the vet decided that no, it's not cancer, it's an infection that just didn't respond to the last treatment the way it should have. So he's on another month long treatment. He looks 100% better already. I had a meltdown when I heard the diagnosis because I was so relieved. Eric thinks I am nuts.

I also caught another cat this week. He's a little feral dude. Anybody want a little black cat? I took him in and got him snipped and tested for FIV and vaccinated. He is now recovering in the spare bedroom. I will let him back out in a couple days. If he leaves, he leaves. If he comes back, he comes back. I really do not want and definitely don't NEED another cat. but it is what it is. If you cross my path I am going to take care of you.

I have lots of seedling growing in the house right now. I hate to see winter end but I am getting kind of excited about planting these little guys in the ground. I'm going to try to grow leeks this year, I love leeks. I hate onions but I adore and almost crave leeks. I am also going to try to grow fennel. That's another thing I can't get enough of and it's really expensive. I already have tomatoes growing INSIDE, like, actual tomatoes which means in a couple weeks I'll have ripe tomatoes that I grew. This is super exciting news for me. Usually I am really late getting my tomatoes in...this year I am going to be right on time (I have a bunch of seedlings going to) AND I'll have a batch of tomatoes way before I should because of the plant I've had inside all winter.

This is a stupid entry but I realized a couple weeks ago how great my diaryland entries are for keeping track of things. I don't keep a regular journal any longer (can I even write on paper any longer?) so this is it. And I like keeping track of things.


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