2013-04-09 - 9:45 p.m.

Oh dear god. That opossum is back. I went to the garage today to check on the garage cats and to clean up a bit out there and I smelled opossum so I lifted up the cover I have over my great grandfather's desk (and under which I have a big, floofy cat bed) and OH! That opossum was all curled up cozily SNORING away. SNORING! The thing is living in my garage SNORING away in a big floofy cat bed! So I've left the garage door open all day and night and so far he hasn't really budged. He got up and ate more food and knocked over the water dish again but last time I looked (five seconds ago) he was back in his bed giving himself a bath. Oh lord. Lordy lordy lordy. I don't even know what the hell I'm going to do about this.

Anyway. I ended up having doing work for most of the day even though I really didn't get anything done. I also went for a walk and it was divine. I was thinking I shouldn't go for a walk because it had been raining on and off all day but then it felt so nice and briskly moist out (does that make sense?) and I just wanted to walk in the cool mistiness of it all so I took my chances and set off. And it was great. Cool and misty and quiet. And just as I got back to my street it started to downpour. So that was incredible. Timing is usually not my thing.

I bought a new robe yesterday at the Salvation Army. I always stay away from the intimates section of the store because you just feels weird to buy a pair of pajamas that somebody else has worn to sleep in. Or a bra! I could never buy a used bra! Anyway...yesterday I accidently ended up in the intimates section because they are rearranging the store and hadn't moved the aisle markers yet so I thought I was in the skirt aisle but it was all pajamas and robes. So I was scooting my way out of there when I saw the robe I've been looking for for twenty years! It's perfect.

I told Eric a long time ago that I always wanted a silky robe to wear. And, like a good husband he came home one day with a silk robe for me. Except it was way too expensive (it is actually SILK) and too sexy to ever be comfortable or pretty. And that's not at all what I wanted (plus it is black and I don't sleep in black). What I really wanted was (apparently) nylon and white and long and swoopy with lace trim. I haven't really taken this robe off since I got it home and washed it. I wore it over my sweats for most of the day today. I love it. It's beautiful and it makes me feel really perfect when I am wearing it. I can't wait to get up tomorrow and put it on and have tea.

I have to work tomorrow. I need to retire. I realize that a lot of my work dread comes from (the biggest reason) the fact that I am tired of my having my spirit sucked out by vampires and also because I already work a full time job at home. Between the animals, my husband and my OCD food issues...I work more than eight hours a day just making survival (a good survival) happen here. I rarely get a day "off".

So that is all. I started writing my novel today.


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