2013-04-05 - 1:21 a.m.

I've been getting a shit-ton of stuff done around here and not getting a shit-ton of stuff done around here. I could be getting a lot more done if things were cooperating with me. But...I have all this time so even though I waste half my day every day, I am still getting things done.

Here's an example of what I am working with right now. On Monday I took a cat to the vet and it cost me an extra hour of time because of some serious inefficiency issues going on (which were obviously noted and addressed since I did not say a word to anybody at the vet but received an apology the next day). Then I got home, irritated and pissy and decided that I would just start over on Tuesday. So I cleaned up some things and decided to put up the painters tape in my bedroom so I could wake on Tuesday and just get right to the painting. So I spent a huge amount of time putting up the damn tape. And then I closed up shop for the day, took a bath and got into bed. And as I was reading and drifting off to sleep I could hear the tape slowly unpeeling itself. By morning EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF TAPE I had put up had fallen to the ground. Because Eric had somehow talked me into buying the tape for delicate surfaces (because the last time I put up tape for painting I couldn't remove the damn tape and, in fact, it's STILL stuck to many portions of my trim because it won't come off) and apparently, painters tape for delicate surfaces automatically removes itself after a couple hours. Totally frustrating. And that's how things have been going. Everything. But I am still getting things done. Just not as quickly as I want.

I am trying really hard to get all my shit together by the end of the summer. I am tired of being freaked out, stressed out and not living as an almost forty year old woman should be living. I should be fancy free right now. My house should be beautiful and I should be going on vacations from time to time. I really would like to go away for a few days this summer. I just want to go up north! I just want to visit my brother! I just want to go to Iowa to see my friend! None of those trips are big deals...I should be able to do any of them with my normal work schedule...but I just simply have too much shit to do around here.



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