2013-04-01 - 10:56 p.m.

Well I've had a hell of a day. I swear. I am so overwhelmed. Eric is gone and I took an extra day off this week so I thought I would be SWIMMING in free time so I could finally get to some projects around this stupid house. But no. Everything had to work against me and I got nothing done today (except for making the pot of soup that I planned to make yesterday). Now I am just sitting here...waiting for the next four minutes, for that stupid black cat (who still won't let me tame him) to show up in the garage so I can shut things down for the night and start over tomorrow. If he isn't in the garage when I go out there in a few minutes I am just going to close the door. I swear it. Even though I know this means I will wake up every two to three hours to check outside for him. I've only touched this cat like six times total this entire winter and yet I am already over protective of him. I have a problem. I admit that.

Anyway. Hopefully tomorrow I can have a lovely day. I really have nothing planned and as much as I am whining about things not working out today...I did manage to get the house clean and I did all the laundry and dishes and all the beds (cat and human) have fresh sheets and blankets so that means I can work on project tomorrow and go to the gym and maybe even go for walk if my head is not pounding (like it was today from all the weather change). I even have all my shopping done for the week. And a surplus of cooked food for myself! I can eat without actually cooking intensively for days! I have soup and a bean salad thing and bean patties from the extra beans from the bean salad thing! I am a queen!

OK. I am going out to check for that damn cat. I should just lock him in until he is tame. Why don't I just do that?


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