2013-03-26 - 10:13 p.m.

This week is looking good.

During my vacation I decided that I needed to start completing weekly goals. So I set up a weekly goal for fitness and a weekly goal for finance. So far, since my vacation, I have completed both goals once. (and not in the same week) This week I have already started out with the exercise and financially I am looking good. It doesn't appear that I will have to give up any shifts since my sickness is (mostly) gone and I have no pressing obligations. So I should make my money this week. And I went to the gym today! So that is good. Last week it was Thursday when I realized that I would have to fit in three gym visits and four walks or four yoga sessions before Sunday. hahahahahaha! This week I shall accomplish both goals!!

I made asparagus soup for dinner tonight. With croutons. It's very delicious.

I also bought seeds for my garden today! It's very exciting. I hope to have my seed trays planted by the end of the week. This WILL BE the year I get corn to grow. I've never succeeded with the corn which makes me very nervous about the corn I buy. Because I am totally organic here...and it's REALLY difficult to grow organic corn.

Our property is an acre and a half and it's all lawn. That is disgusting. I know I can't do it this year but I hope that soon I can figure out how to get rid of all this useless grass without pissing my neighbors off. If it wasn't for the neighbors I would let at least half of this yard just go to meadow.


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