2013-03-20 - 12:20 a.m.

Well I must be feeling better because for the first time in about a week I am not at all tired. I am, in fact, wide awake. And it's past midnight. And I am basically out of TV shows to watch and reading material to read. (I do have a lot of science magazines to catch up on, but I'm still kind of in the mood to be easy on myself right now which means I could read Discover but Scientific American? Not so much.)

I was reading over some past entries tonight. I had a realization that I have absolutely no recollection of my cat Sully joining this family. I can remember the stories of all my cats and how they came to be here...but I only remember bits of Sully's story. remember his being here when we first moved in, how I would see him in the drive way and we would remark every once in while that we had seen that cat. But it took him a couple years before he finally let us near him. And I remember the night he came into the entry way and his eye was all messed up and he let us take care of him. But then, right after that, I can't remember anything. There is a big blank. And I know that most of that is because that was during the time my mother was going through treatment for cancer and I was living half the week in Kalamazoo and I know I was pretty shut down at that time. But damn! I can't remember anything about it. I know that we were feeding him and I remember leaving instructions for feeding him but I don't remember, did we let him into the garage to sleep or did I just leave him outside? I would find it hard to believe that I would have just left him outside. Anyway! There is a space of time between March of 09 and November of 09 that I barely remember at all. So I was reading old entries to see if I had written anything here (I didn't, not really) and I came across a few entries where I talk about how much work having nine cats was. Ba haha hahahahahahahahaha! If only you knew how funny that is!

I found someone to work for me tomorrow. So I have one last day to get over this crud. I think I'll feel a lot better tomorrow. As long as I don't have a headache. It would be really nice to wake up and feel totally normal tomorrow.


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