2013-03-19 - 4:14 p.m.

I've been sick. I don't get sick very often. The last time I was sick was over a year ago. Eric thinks I am sick all the time but he confuses things like cramps and sinus headaches with actual sickness. Anyway, I have a terrible cold. It started last Tuesday when I was up all night coughing a terrible dry couch that wouldn't relent. Wednesday and Thursday I had a raspy voice and a mild sore throat and I very naively thought that was going to be the end of it. By Friday night I was a wreck. And I was working. And I kept having these coughing fits in the middle of our dinner rush and would have to leave the bar and go in the back and hack my lungs up. Really professional. Then I had to work Saturday morning and it was much the same. Coughing my lungs up in the back, guzzling honey every five seconds, taking pills of every shape and color trying to unclog my nose and stop the stupid coughing. Finally my shift was over and I went home and basically slept through Saturday night, all of Sunday and all of Monday. Today I woke up feeling a lot better but my head hurts so bad I can't get out of bed. But at least I'm not coughing anymore. Jesus.

Anyway. I just wanted to say that after this little episode I vow that I will never go to work when I am sick again. At first, on Friday, I didn't give a shit because it was some jerky person who was out and about spraying virus all over the place who gave me this thing in the first place. So I was kind of like, fuck all of you, if you can saunter in here and give me your disgusting virus and not care about how many people you are getting sick...well then, I'll do the same. It was worth working four hours, even sick as I was, for $150. Even if I did make a bunch of people sick. But you know. By Saturday I was kind of feeling differently about it. I was waiting on old people, I waited on a pregnant lady, I waited on kids. And I probably made them all sick just because I nobody would work for me that day (it's usually impossible to find someone to work for me) and because I thought, "eh, I'll tough it out and make as much money as I can this week before I fall over half dead in bed". But now I feel really awful about that. I should not have been there. I am writing an e-mail to my boss to announce my decision to never work when I am sick again even if I can't find someone to work for me. I am also trying to find someone to work for me tomorrow since I am still sneezing and having small bouts of coughing.

Stay home if you're sick you mother fuckers! I don't want to get sick ever again. Ugh.


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