2013-02-28 - 10:26 p.m.

Well, today was better. I ignored the stupid facebook and nobody texted me (except my mother and husband) so it was a good day. I mean, it was kind of a dreary, yucky, sad kind of day. I woke up to find my snowman half melted, his nose on the ground and one of his eyes fell out as I was looking at him. Plus I have PMS which caused me to start crying in the baking goods aisle at Meijer when I was picking out birthday candles for the cake I am making tomorrow for my cats birthday. He's going to be EIGHTEEN! This is a huge deal. Seven years ago I was spending every waking minute trying to get him to eat, dragging him back and forth to the vet, nursing him through COMAS and pancreatitis and I was so sure my time with him was very limited. And look at him now! He's EIGHTEEN! And he is super healthy. He is the reason I am always very optimistic about things (I know you might find that hard to believe but I really am the most optimistic person you know). Anyway. He's turning eighteen tomorrow. Eighteen years ago I was sitting at my mother's dining room table talking about something. I was rather depressed...I think we were discussing my new job and how I had to buy all new clothes because there wasn't a set uniform we all just dressed up really nice. (which was really awesome by the way, I wish all restaurants just let their people dress any way they wanted. We were all really pretty, we all wore really nice dresses and skirts and we just looked pretty and confident.) So we were talking and then I realized that her cat was having kittens right at my feet. I picked my little tiger cat out immediately. Then my brother and I went to Colorado for a couple weeks and we kept running into the Oscar Mayer weiner mobile. And so when I returned from the trip and got my little kitten, I named him Oscar and he's been with me ever since. Oh man, this cat and me...we've had a life.

So tomorrow I am making a big dinner and cake (actually, blueberry cobbler). I'll probably make him some salmon or chicken but he really would just rather eat his crappy treats all day. I can't understand why these cats like treats so much. The main ingredient is usually something like chicken by product meal and these cats act like it's the best thing they've ever had. I make them a big piece of salmon, even cook it in butter for the love of god and they kind of turn their noses up at it.

I don't want to go back to work.


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