2012-12-18 - 9:26 a.m.

I'm in a hotel room right now. I need to get up and get moving and get on with my day. So much to do and I have an appointment at 2:30 that will put a halt to all my progress making and then right after my appointment I have to get on the road and head home because I have so much to do there too. And in the morning I have to take a bunch of cats to the vet to get shots. So I need to get ready for that too.

Anyway. I'm in Kalamazoo. Last night I visited my grandmother who I hadn't seen in a very, very long time. We got a pizza and she showed me all the Christmas cards she's gotten from people this year. This is her Christmas without my grandfather. A lot of cards are still addressed to both of them. That must be difficult.

After I visited with her I drove around a bit, visited my old house, things like that. I stalk my old house when I'm here. I drive up and down my old road and stare at my house. My old house looks good. They've put up a privacy fence which is something I always dreamed about when I lived there. (now I have a big privacy fence at my current house, it fences in an area that is bigger than my entire yard at my old house and we still have another acre of land that is unfenced so I should not feel jealous of the people with a privacy fence at my old house...but I do.)

After stalking my old house I came back to my hotel and took a jacuzzi bath and read a magazine. Then I got into bed and read another magazine. Then I decided I wanted another jacuzzi bath so I read another magazine. By that point I was boiling hot so I opened the window and read some more and fell asleep. It was delightfully freezing all night. When I woke up this morning I was shivering. So I made some tea and took another jacuzzi bath. I think I got my money's worth out of the jacuzzi room "upgrade".

I like staying in this hotel. It's a crappy Best Western but it's quiet here (usually, except for the time I stayed here during prom and teenagers kept me up all night with their parking lot parties) and all the rooms have microwaves and refrigerators so I can make my tea and can keep snacks in the fridge. And I can sleep with the window open and listen to the cars on the highway and they aren't annoying or loud, they are at a far enough distance that it's a comforting noise.

As soon as I am done here and I've gotten ready I am going to check out and go to all my old places. The coffee shop, the bookstore, the bead shop...I have to do all my Christmas shopping today too. But that probably won't all get done. Because I still really don't know what I need to get.

So that is all.


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