2012-11-28 - 11:08 a.m.

I just dropped that kitty off at the vet. He's so nice. I can't believe it. This morning when I went into the TV room to get him he jumped into my lap and cuddled and cuddled and cuddled. I am fairly certain this cat was born outside and has lived outside his entire life. I haven't seen any evidence that he ever had any contact with humans until we started trying to tame him. So I really can't believe how sweet he is. I mean, even my cat Sully who did have, at some point before I took him off the streets, human interaction was still really quite wild for a long time after we started taking care of him. He was always a sweet heart but, for example, when playing he wasn't quite sure how to do that and our arms almost came off on several occasions. This little dude is playing with me and being super gentle about it. He just LOOKS like a sweet little cat. He's all fat and roly poly with short little legs and an animated little face. I've been calling him Potato because with his shape and coloring he looks like a potato when he's laying down. He's a sweet Potato.

Anyway. Crap. Another cat. I hope Eric knows how much trust I am putting in him now. There's no way I could have all these cats if Eric were to leave me. I couldn't afford it, for one and I'd have to start working my ass off again which would leave me zero time to clean up after all these little fuckers. I feel so fortunate that I get to live this life. That I CAN take care of this many animals and take care of them WELL. It's an amazing feeling, actually.

I made almond milk* last night and it turned out delicious. So that's my first hurdle to becoming vegan. I have “milk” for my tea. I am also addicted to cashew butter on celery now. So that's good. This afternoon I am going to attempt to make a flatbread with olive oil and mashed chickpeas instead of with cheese to go with my salad. We'll see how well that goes over. That's the big challenge. And tonight I'll get my usual salad at work but without Parmesan. Which won't be a big deal, the part I love about my usual salad at work is the arugula, peas and pistachios. So. It looks like I'll survive my first vegan day just fine.

*I am making almond milk instead of buying it because...have you ever read the ingredient list on almond milk at the store? It should just say almonds and water. But nope. There are all kinds of weird things in most almond milk. It's one of the biggest issues I've had with the whole vegan thing. All the vegan products I ever look at have weird and dubious ingredient lists and while I really do want to live without using animal products, I also don't want to live by eating strange ingredients. I'm a purist.

I would really like to go for a walk today. I went for one yesterday and it was just lovely. Just the right temperature. Most of the time when I go for a walk I get too hot, but yesterday was just right. I love that. It's very invigorating. Unfortunately I don't think I'll have time for a walk. Since I didn't accomplish anything for the last two days except for cuddling non-stop with a cat I shouldn't have....I have a lot of chores to catch up on before I got to work tonight. Plus, I really have to catch up with my National Novel Writing Month stuff. I'm a little behind. Nothing serious, just a couple thousand words behind schedule.

So that's it. Just sitting here sending good thoughts to my little Sweet Potato. Heh.


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