2012-11-27 - 5:10 p.m.

My days off this week were weird. My first inclination is to say that I got absolutely nothing done. At all. Because I really didn't. Not only did I need to do my usual big weekly cleaning (I clean every day but once a week I really clean like crazy) but I also needed to do some extra cleaning so that I can spend my birthday weekend in peace without worrying about washing sheets or rugs or cupboards or whatever. Basically the only cleaning I ended up doing with my days off this week were the dishes and a couple loads of wash. I also didn't go to the gym (although I took a lovely walk this afternoon). So it's been a very non productive week so far in terms of things that I should be doing.

BUT...I did finally catch a cat I've been trying to catch for months. Poor little guy. I'm taking him in to get his balls snipped tomorrow and then we'll see what happens from there. I have a feeling I just got myself another cat even though that really wasn't the intention. The intention was originally to catch this little dude and get him fixed and vaccinated and tested for disease so that he wasn't a danger to my cats outside. But during the course of trying to catch him, we accidentally tamed him. Last month we were able to skritch him on the head finally and after spending HOURS every day for the last month he finally came up to the door and I scooped him up and locked him in the TV room. Where he is now. All sprawled out and seemingly pretty happy. It's pretty incredible to think that six months ago this little cat wouldn't even stick around the yard if he caught a glimpse of us through the window. For most of the summer we were finally able to sit on the porch and watch him eat but that was as close as we could get. Now I'm cuddling with the little guy. He's super cute. I can't stop going in the room to cuddle him.

Last night I was just sitting in the TV room with the cat and I didn't want to turn the TV on for fear that it would scare him so I was just reading magazines and well, I think I've made a huge decision. I am going to start being vegan most of the time. Whenever possible. I'm not going to get crazy (yet) and not go out to eat (although there are lots of vegan options) or not have a spoonful (or forty) of ice cream every once in a while. But there are things I need to stop doing. Like putting milk in my tea and I need to stop it with the cheese. Both of those things are not necessary and I need to face the reality that the dairy industry is awful. Even if I'm drinking organic milk the cows are still kept in perpetual, unnatural lactation and their babies are taken from them (and usually sold to the meat industry) and well, that's just not something I can support. Until I can have my own cow someday (or goats if I can learn to like goat milk) I have no business eating dairy. It's going to be difficult, I know I will slip with the butter very often, I really don't know how long I can stay away from it. But I'm going to try. I went out today and bought a bunch of almonds and I'm going to make my own almond milk for my tea. I also made cashew butter (YUM!) to hopefully satisfy my bread with fat on it cravings. I just need to figure out how to satisfy my need for cheese melted on my flatbread that I eat almost every day with my salad. Anyway, I feel really good about this decision. Really good.

Also...our house appraisal finally came back and it's GOOD NEWS. Man, we were super worried about it. We wanted to refinance the house and we were very scared that the house wouldn't appraise where we needed it be in order to do so. We bought the house just shortly before house prices plummeted so while we didn't pay the absolute highest amount this house has ever been valued at, we also didn't pay the lowest. (I felt it was a very fair price, actually. I still do.) So it was scary. I was a nervous wreck thinking that we would end up owing more than the house was worth and that we wouldn't be able to refinance and that would have been depressing. But as it turns out, the house appraised higher than what we bought it for and now we actually have equity. So hopefully we are approved for the loan and we can keep this momentum of getting things right going.

So good news! All of it! Good good good. Now let's just hope I win that damn Powerball! Or at least my ten dollars that I spend on tickets back.

Three day work week this week. I'm finding that even though I am very happy at my job and I have nothing to complain about...I think I am nearing the end of my bartending career. I'm just really sick of people. I'm sick of drunk people. And I'm sick of being nice to everybody no matter what. I kind of dread going to work lately. Not because I don't like being there or because I don't like the actual job portion (I love bartending, actually. I love being busy and I love nights that go really super smoothly and efficiently, I get a huge rush from that.) but because I am dreading the thought of being nice to people I don't want to be nice to. I dread listening to people talk to me about things I want to punch them in the face for. Anyway. I can't wait to get my three days over with this week. Hopefully the days go by fast and I don't get morons at the bar and I make lots of money.


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