2012-11-25 - 1:12 p.m.

'm really grouchy this morning. I had an embarrassing temper tantrum last night at about 3 am (thankfully the cats were the only witnesses to this) and I can't figure out if the temper tantrum was the catalyst to this grouchiness or if I was already grouchy and that was the catalyst to the temper tantrum. Anyway. I'm in a bad mood today. The cats are driving me bonkers and I'm agitated that I have so much worthless stuff to do (so sick of dishes, laundry and litter boxes).

I am only working two days this week. Which I guess is a good thing since I'm being such a bitch right now. Last week I was really stressed out about just working two days because, you know, money. But as it turned out, I somehow made the same amount of money in two days that I normally do in my four day work week. For the past six months or so this has been happening to me. I'll take an extra day or two off work and I somehow still manage to make the same amount of money. It's fantastic! It also just reminds me that I can make MORE money in two 7 hour shifts (TWO SEVEN HOUR SHIFTS!!) than I did at that awful cheese job in five nine hour shifts (FIVE NINE HOUR SHIFTS!). God I am happy I made that decision to leave that awful job.

Next week is my birthday week and I am only working three days in order to properly celebrate Whismas. Hopefully the trend continues and I will still make my usual amount in three days rather than four.

My Whismas plans have changed a bit. A month or so ago I had planned it to begin on Friday and end on Wednesday when I have to be back to work. I was going to go to Kalamazoo on Friday, get a facial, stay in a hotel, go to the bookstore and my favorite coffee shop, see my mother and brother and maybe a friend or two. But I couldn't get an appointment for a facial and then I decided that I should just work. I hate it when I get logical like that. If I were to start Whismas on Friday and do that Kalamazoo thing it would cost me at least $200 PLUS I would be losing a potential $200 by not working. So is one extra day of Whismas worth $400? Not really. It would have been nice though.

So Whismas now looks like this....Friday I will work but I requested that I be first out so I'll be home around 10 o'clock. Which means I will get to sleep at a decent hour and not sleep until noon on Saturday. Good. Saturday I will go to the gym and probably make myself a cake and dinner too. We will watch movies and drink a great bottle of wine with dinner. Or. We will go out. But I usually don't like going out as much as I like making dinner myself. The restaurants around here are not worth spending the money, in my opinion. Sunday we will go to Ann Arbor for brunch! My favorite! Super excited! Monday is my birthday and I'll spend it in my pajamas until I get a massage at 4:00. Eric will get take out from somewhere for dinner and I'll get back into my pajamas when I get home. So that's it. Those are my exciting Whismas plans. Eric has decide that I am getting twelve days of Whismas this year so I've already started getting presents every day. So far it's just been new pajamas which is awesome because you know how much I love new pajamas. And slippers! He got me four new pairs of slippers and it's been a luxury. Around here I can only wear a pair of slippers for one day before I have to wash them so I usually don't have slippers for every day of the week. Now I do!!

The cats are going crazy right now. This is really the first block of days that I haven't let them out since last winter. But it's too cold and I just don't feel like standing at the door all day letting them in and out. I know how it will go, they are all piled up at the door wanting to go out and they'll run out and I'll close the door and they'll all want to come back in immediately. No thank you. Not today friends. And not yesterday either! Ha! Suck it up. (I'm sure I'll give in today and let them out, I feel bad about making them stay in here. It's really no wonder they are driving me bonkers today, they are probably feeling bonkers themselves.)

Thanksgiving was great. I made lots of food and although Wednesday and Thursday were crazy busy for me, I knew there was a delightful, delicious end in sight. It was great to get back home on Friday and unpack the car (for what seemed like the fiftieth time in two days) and eat a big plate of leftovers and then just relax all day. I was so tired that even sitting on the couch watching TV was taking too much energy so finally at about 8:30 I just got into bed. I wouldn't have changed one thing about the week. It was perfect. I especially liked seeing my family, even if it was just for a day. I sure wish we all lived in the same spot. I miss those Thanksgivings at my house in Vicksburg when we were all living within twenty minutes of one another. Sigh.

My brother and his wife brought their little dog along. Last year at Thanksgiving they had only had her for a few days and she was scared and skittish and weird and I just wasn't all together sure she was going to be as awesome as their other doggy (who passed away a couple years ago). We had all walked around on eggshells all day that day trying not to scare her or stress her out. But man! This year, she's a totally different dog! All confident and smart and cute. It's awesome to see a change that dramatic. Makes the heart happy.

OH! And!! Eric DID take me seriously about the security camera. We had it hooked up and ready to go for Thanksgiving and I was able to keep an eye on the cats the entire time I was gone. As it would turn out, cats don't do much while their humans are gone. I swear that during the twenty four hours I was gone, Oscar and P-Diddy got off the couch twice for no more than five minutes total. Decadent little creatures. One of the best things to watch was what happens when I pull into the driveway. The four cats who were sleeping on the couch at the time that I turned off my car and opened the door all jumped up and ran towards the door. It was pretty awesome. The kitties love me! I've been trying to not be too crazy about watching the stupid camera but so far my attempts to not be a crazy person are not working. I think while I was at work last night I checked on them at least 20 times.

So I guess that's it. I am, more or less, keeping up with National Novel Writing Month. I just missed the past three days or so due to Thanksgiving, tiredness, chores and general grouchiness. I'm going to sit in bed all day today until I am caught up and maybe a bit ahead of the game. And then I'm going to the store to buy groceries for dinner. I think I am finally done gorging on Thanksgiving leftovers. I want a big salad now. A week of good eating and then it's all about cake and crepes for my birthday weekend! Excited!!


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