2012-01-15 - 1:13 a.m.

I can't help but to be a little nervous about the fact that I am perfectly happy right now. It's been SO long since things have been GOOD around here that I have a hard time believing it. But it is good around here. I feel like a total idiot for staying at that stupid cheese job for so long. God I was miserable. And I'm still certain that most of my misery came from the lack of sunlight...lesson learned, this girl needs to see sunlight. It was an awfully depressing place to work other than the lack of light, but I'm pretty sure that the reason all my colleagues were so miserable and depressed also had to do with the lack of light issue. It was seriously depressing in there. I mean...I can't even tell you how depressed I was, it was getting dangerous though.

My new job is wonderful. I was hesitant to say that because there were bugs and I wasn't sure they were going to get worked out, but they are getting worked out. The restaurant has been open now for three months and we are very close to having perfection. Which is pretty fucking awesome! There are still some things to work out but everybody is so happy and so friendly and so awesome that we are getting there. I am thrilled to work there. I am almost getting excited to go to work every day. And just to make it even better...OMG...the ONLY thing I missed from that stupid cheese job (except for my favorite teenager who I will always miss because he is the funniest person I've ever met) was the warming plate I had in my cheese corner where I kept water for my tea. I loved being able to have hot tea all day long every day. When I started this new job the tea thing bothered me because I didn't have time, ever, to go to the back to fill my cup with hot water. So I was tea-less. And yesterday when I got to work there was a warmer plate behind the bar!!! So I now have a constant supply of hot water. It's perfect!

Also in the "things are good" category....I finally started painting this house in earnest. When we moved in FOUR YEARS AGO I started to plan the painting. I had paint samples all over every wall in this house for FOUR YEARS. It's pathetic. I never had the time to get to it. I can't believe it. Now I am getting to it. If I maintain this pace I will have the entire house painted and COMFORTABLE by summer. That is my goal.

All of my cats are doing very well. They are fat and happy and wonderful and we have too many but who cares? I love them. I wish I had a barn so I could make some more cats as happy as mine are.

This is an incredibly upbeat entry!


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