2011-12-09 - 12:03 p.m.

Because the universe sometimes loves me...last night, exactly a week after that asshole asked me if I was with child, a gentleman at the bar told me that I was the second most naturally beautiful woman he had ever met (his wife was number one). And then he told me that I was the MOST friendly looking person he had ever met. So there. I didn't know I needed that ego boost, but apparently I did. And what nice things to say to a person! Not, "you're the hottest person or the sexiest" but, "natural and friendly". Awesome.

In other news. The air is so dry! The inside of my poor nose is all raw and red and it burns to breathe in! And my lips are so chapped! I wish I had a steam room to sit in all day! I am certain this dryness is coming from my new job, it's a thousand degrees in there all the time and so so dry. I will take this burning nose and lips over the chilblains and perpetual cold I had to endure from my last job. Chilblains were the worst thing EVER. I swear it. Chilblains.

It is snowing today. I don't know why snow makes me feel better. I just feel perfectly comfortable when it snows. It makes me feel very selfish to love the snow so much. Because I know there are beings out there that are suffering because of it.


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