2011-12-07 - 10:04 a.m.

This is no joke....

The other day some asshole sitting at the bar asked me if I was with child. I kind of looked at him in amazement and told him, uh...NO. And he was like, bad and the preceded to tell me to SUCK IT IN! Yes, this really happened. I am a little chubbier than I usually am in life (but this guy wouldn't know that since he'd never seen me before in his life) but I am still at a healthy weight. And I was terribly bloated (PMS) but still...none of that could have been enough to give anybody the confidence to ask is someone is with child. What an idiot. Anyway, it was rather horrifying and I am going to continue my weight loss effort in earnest (I am still working on the sixteen pounds I gained at the cheese job).

This ridiculous episode did not, fortunately, stop me from pigging out on my birthday. We went to Ann Arbor for the day and had a lovely brunch complete with Kir to start and blintzes for dessert. It was fun.

My birthday celebration was pretty good this year. I spent a lot of time in reflection (I was kind of forced to since I had two days of terrible cramps where moving off the couch and heating pad was an intolerable notion). I've made some pretty big decisions in the past couple days. I know exactly where I want my life to be going and I'm going to get there. By my next birthday celebration I hope to have most things almost complete (or at least started in the case of school).

First on my list is to move my stupid bedroom! We've been talkng about it forEVER. We are finally mostly prepared to do it, we got curtains for the upstairs and a new TV for the room downstairs and we just need a day where we are both capable and motivated to get it done. But it hasn't happened yet. It has to happen before Christmas.


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