2011-11-21 - 4:41 p.m.

Yesterday I wondered out loud whether our health insurance would cover the cost of a stay in a mental hospital. Because I feel like I really just need a break you a huge amount of time spent in bed drooling and babbling and being insane. I could, in theory, pull that off without a mental hospital but I can't afford it. (I would have to get a hotel room since it's impossible to be insane or paralized by depression in my current life...too much to do) So Eric mentions that I probably wouldn't want to check myself into a mental hospital because that would be on my "record" for the rest of my life. And I wonder, is that true? I mean, is that legal? Would a stay in the mental hospital really prevent me from adopting a child or getting a job or going to the moon someday when that becomes the thing to do?


I think somebody is dumping cats in my yard. Two new ones showed up this week. I don't know what to do. I can't just take them to a rescue because they could belong to somebody. There are a lot of houses around here and a lot of barns and nobody these days seems to have housecats...but still, it is weird that these cats just suddenly showed up.

Fucking people.


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