2011-10-08 - 10:27 p.m.

It's been one week and a day since I left that crappy job I had! I can't be more euphoric! Seriously...the first three days I really did nothing but sit in the sun. I couldn't stop! I really think that healthwise I require sunlight, possibly more than other people, in regular doses. I remember, very specifically, when we moved to Spain and suddenly I wasn't craving the disgusting and evil tanning bed and I just couldn't figure that out until I realized that it was because I was getting sunlight every day.

I've also slept a lot. I am going to bed when I want and getting up when I want and as it would turn out...I sleep ten hours a night. (can that really be sustainable?)

And I've been eating a lot. Which is not a good thing since I am really, really fat right now. But I needed nutrients. I've been eating very well...I only had pasta once and I've kept my two o'clock cookie addiction in check (I caved a couple times). But I'm going to eat and eat until I feel healthy again. I've had copious amounts of vegetables and grains in the past few days. (speaking of my fatness...I actually like my appearance MORE in terms of my face and upper body. I've never liked the look of my face MORE than I do right now. And it's always nice to have more to fill out the bosom, you know. But my lower body is a disaster. I do not fit into jeans that looked really good on me a year ago (when I had already gained an extra ten pounds from that fucking cheese job).

So jobs!! I have a lot of gossip about my former job! But I'm not going into that now because I am being positive in my life! I do think that they will not last more than two more years though. Which is really sad because that store has been there for a really, really long time.


My new job is so far very, very good. I am not going to relax though until I've been there six months. I totally don't trust people anymore. But yeah, there appears to be a lot of integrity going on at this new place. I am dumbfounded! We just spent the last week doing mundane training things like alcohol certification classes and wine and food tastings. Starting Tuesday we are doing charity dinners for practice and then we are LIVE on the 17th! It's been pretty awesome to be part of a restaurant opening. I can't wait to get into my groove...I am really hoping this works because this is my last hope at making this series of things in my life be a feasible and happy way of living.

So. Sigh. Bring it.


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