2011-05-15 - 5:36 p.m.

Well, I made it through another day. And it wasn't a horrible day so that means I can simmer down for a second (until tomorrow) and resume my original plan which is to give notice on the 22 of July. Then I will commence to have an Autumn of Whisper and then I will go to school and maybe find a career that I don't hate. Pretty much not likely but at least I can waste another four years without feeling like a complete failure.

I did not listen to any War and Peace today...I am behind schedule. But, like the trashy girl I am at heart, I am only interested in the story, really, when it is focusing on duels involving wronged lovers and the love stories themselves. Right now the story is pretty war heavy and I don't find that nearly as enticing. Although...I am rather riveted by the narrative coming from the trenches (I especially like how clearly Tolstoy makes it known that war is DUMB)...I do lose interest far more quickly than I do when listening to the romantic parts.

It's rainy and wonderful outside. I am going to watch TV and eat delicious food.


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