2010-11-15 - 8:52 p.m.

I actually have 14, 000 words written in my “novel” for national novel writing month! This is unheard of! I can’t remember what was going on the first year I attempted this but I think that was the first year we were living in Spain, or no!…that was in the months right before we moved to Spain. Yes, I think it was the months right before we moved to Spain. That makes sense. And I was a total basket case then, trying to sell my house and get my shit together and you know, dealing with the fact that I was moving out of the country for an indefinite amount of YEARS. The next time national Novel Writing Month came along would have been five months after we finally got ourselves moved and situated. We somehow ended up having six houseguests the week of Thanksgiving and I remember having been very prolific with my word count the first weeks of November that year but I sort of gave up once the house guests arrived. And that was that. The next year I have no idea what was going on…I think that was the year Oscar was so sick and it was the beginning of his diabetes crap and I was, again, an absolute mess. That next year we were moving back here, right? And that’s no time to write a fifty thousand word novel! The next year I really have no excuse for not writing. But last year, yeah, last year was a bad year. And my Bubby died the first week of November last year and that was it for me (for pretty much the next year apparently because I’ve done a whole lot of nothing since then)…but this year! This year I must be panicked enough about the way my life is becoming that I am forcing myself to write! I am not writing every day, though I certainly think about it…but I am writing far more than I have written since that first year in Spain. That is GOOD. I am starting to feel more like myself already!

I am cheating with my novel…obviously. I am sure I am not the only one. I am mostly just writing down my thoughts and little anecdotes from the day. My main goal in this whole exercise is to remember how to make writing THE priority in my life like it was at one time. (that seems like so long ago I can barely remember it) But I am writing little bits here and there of pure fiction. I am writing little bits, here and there, of story outlines and ideas. But the most important thing is that I am sitting down and writing. I am thinking about writing and I am doing it. I am not wandering about aimlessly while avoiding cleaning. I am sitting down and writing (I can’t believe I didn’t remember that writing can be a great and productive way to avoid cleaning!). I am very proud of myself. I am proud of myself even though I write shit like, “I am at one thousand four hundred and seventy two words!” in my novel and I consider that to be part of my word count (notice that I spell out the number just to pad the word count a little!). I am proud even though I plan to copy and paste this diary land entry into my Nanowrimo file so I can pad my word count a little more! All that matters is that I am writing!

In other news.

Well. I guess I don’t have any.


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