2010-10-25 - 5:54 p.m.

So bored. And sick of cleaning litter boxes. I am thinking that paying the cat sitter her $14.00 a day fee for a while might be worth it just to have someone clean the frackin litter boxes for me for a while. Twelve many litter boxes.

It is interesting that I am sick of the monotony around here. I often thrive with routine. I think the problem is that I haven't found THE routine yet. I have too much to keep up with so instead of routine I just tend to what needs to be tended to first (which is usually litter boxes). I am still pining for the old days when I would get up at 4 am and from that moment on until I went to bed at 9, everything was routine. Sigh. I miss it. I'd like to just live a few days in my old life for a moment, just so I can remember how to live. I don't wish to be in any of the circumstances I was on back then (car perpetually on its last leg, job (that I loved) that subjected me to more cigarette smoke and stink than anyone should be subjected to in a lifetime, house that was possibly falling apart, Eric across a sea...etc,)...but I do wish for the state of my being back then. I was in a good space of being. (until we decided to move to Spain and I freaked out)


I painted my front door the other day. It is a life changing event. I am reminded how inspired I become from little changes, little upgrades. My once brown door is now tropical skies. It's beautiful. And happy. I'm collecting bright and cheery apple boxes from work so I can replace the brown even on the garage shelves. We are withering.

On Wednesday I plan to have a good day. I have Groupons! Groupons for groceries from a grocery store I've never been to in another town and a groupon for facial in another town I never go to but love! I plan to be fancy that day! I'm going to get a latte! I'm going to dress up and buy perfume at Anthropologie! I'm excited. I'm so bored that even a little event like that will reinvigorate me.

That is all. I have litter boxes to clean.


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