2010-07-29 - 7:35 p.m.

Oh my god, this working crap is for the birds! Really. I'm tired of this forty hours a week bullcrapola. !!!


I am just being a baby. I like my job and it's way better for me than the restaurant world was. I might be gone for forty hours a week but I have yet to be physically exhausted and if I don't feel like dealing with people I can just stand in my little corner (which I've decorated!) and cut cheese all day. Or do like I did today and sit upstairs in the conference room and do paperwork. I will adjust to the forty hour thing. It will become okay with me. I will have to change my hours this winter or I will never see sunlight (which would be bad since I have low vitamin D levels already)...but that's do-able. The owners of the store seem open to whatever I might want to do or change as long as I show results. So the eight to four might become an eight to noon three to seven sort of thing. Totally possible since I live seven minutes from the place.

Things I do NOT like about my job (other than the forty hours a week crap)

GOSSIP. It's way worse than any other place I've ever worked. Some of the women there are totally diabolical. It becomes intolerable (like today, when I decided to just go upstairs and be alone for the entire day)(I'm sure they were talking about me).

The owner/general manager/daughter of the real owner is having a torrid affair with the crappy "baker". And I find it disgusting. Because he is an awful baker and I thought she was so awesome.

Plastic. There is so much plastic thrown in the garbage. I can't stand it.

Food waste. So much food thrown in the garbage. I've taken to cutting slits in the packaging of things I have to throw away (mostly due to expiration dates) so at least something can eat it even if it's a fly.

Shelf life. You would be very disturbed to know exactly how old some of your food really is.

And blah blah blah.

I've been working for the last two weeks straight. Tomorrow is my last day in the string of days. (my one and only employee as on vacation so I had to be there every day). I plan to sleep for twenty four hours.

Also. On Saturday, I will have been married for six years. I am hoping we can do something exciting and fun and DIFFERENT to celebrate. But it looks like (because of my exhaustion and because I am poor and I am freaking out about money) we will just stick around here and do the same old, same old. At least this year I am not scheduling my anniversary dinner around my mother's chemotherapy treatments, right Mother? (sigh)

Kitties, all TEN of them, are doing GREAT! Oscar has GAINED a lot of pounds! For the first time in five years! So that's FABULOUS! Sully is getting closer and closer to becoming a house cat, I think by this time next year he will never leave the yard! And everybody else just seems happy and very content. I continue, however, to think about my Bubby. I miss him very much. I wonder when I will ever get to the point where his absence isn't such a weight?

The far, so good. My skin has not cleared up but my moods have evened out and so far, NO CRAMPS! So this is good. Good. I kind of want to shoot myself through the head for thinking "natural" was better all these years. Because...uh, no.

So that is an update. I want to be back.


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