2010-06-14 - 5:40 p.m.

Oh boy do I miss my husband. I feel extra stressed out right now because I don't have anybody to talk to about how I think somebody is stealing my cheddar cheese, deli lids and towels! Oof. I've gotten out of the practice of having a traveling husband.

Yes, somebody is stealing my cheddar cheese, I am certain of it. And I'm sure it's the bakery. I am rather infuriated about it, actually. I ordered two cases of cheddar cheese last week, because my goal right now is to be extra stocked while I am trying to get things under control. This is just shredded cheddar, not a special cheddar, that I portion into containers to sell. I sell about fifteen of these containers a week. On a good week. Which is about one and a half bags. There are four bags in a case. Do the math. Now try to figure out why one entire case and a bag of cheddar suddenly disappeared. There is evidence of theft. The most important piece of evidence is that I put the cases away in my cheese area of the cooler and then I packaged up two bags of it (which should last me more than a week) and two days later when I checked, all my packaged cheese was still there and I was missing an entire case and a bag. And suspiciously, the bakery had cheddar cheese bread on special. I'm pretty sure they stole my cheddar.

The same sort of thing happened with the deli lids. I had four cases of them that I put away myself. The next day when I went upstairs, I had ZERO CASES OF LIDS.

This really sucks because this means that my sales/profit margin/crap will be off by at least $125 this month. That's a big deal to me. Especially if this is going to be a weekly issue, that will mean my sales/profit margin/crap will be off by $500 and I'll be really pissed if that's the case. Stop stealing from me.

I'm also pretty sure that nobody is writing down the feta they are supposed to transfer from me. All the departments use my feta and they are supposed to write it on a transfer sheet when they get it. But last month I noticed only one feta transfer and I happen to know that there were at least eight. This is a case of forgetfulness...not theft. And it's also bullshit. There are some systems in place that are dysfunctional.

In other news. I love this job. I really, really love it. But I am not sure how long I can do it. They are demanding that I work at least 45 hours a week. I am making (I think) $500 a week after taxes. That is not an acceptable salary for forty plus hours. Not to mention that this particular job does not require 40 hours a week for a normal person...and I am a super efficient person. So. I don't know how to deal with this. I ended up making up hours last week by helping another department chop fruit. Today I wasted the last two hours by pretending to be interested in what everybody else was talking about. I've organized and cleaned everything and I can't cut any more cheese and shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. This job has got to work out to be perfect because I love it!!!! I figure I just have to hang in there for a couple more months and then they will love me and my working a thirty hour week will be fine with them. (Thirty hours is all that is required and thirty hours is what I feel like my salary is worth)



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