2010-02-23 - 10:52 a.m.

Last week I built a snowman, went to the laundromat twice (our dryer is broken and when it finally (maybe) gets fixed on Thursday it will have been broken for ten days. Which is far too long when you have nine cats, two restaurant jobs (really only the day job makes me stink) and you and your spouse both regularly go to the gym. ), cleaned the house, washed all the houseplants (35-ish), went to the gym most days and most importantly, I stuck to my diet. I had a boring, yet productive week. And I stuck to my diet. I stuck to my diet. This week I already messed it up by eating bread, butter, cheese and chocolate yesterday. Those things are not on my approved list. I get so annoyed with myself. I tell myself that I will be on a diet for two stinking weeks before Fabien arrives and I fail five days into it. I suck.

Last week I also took a cat to the vet to get her fixed. She belongs to someone I work with. This girl got this cat in July and Iíve been begging her ever since to get the cat fixed. I gave her all sorts of information, even directions, to places where you can get your animal spayed or neutered for almost no money. But she always had some lame excuse. So I finally just lied to her and told her that my vet would give me a discounted price to get the cat fixed and I took the cat. Three hundred and fifty dollars later, the cat is fixed and I can stop my ridiculous middle of the night anxiety attacks about it. I also got her tested for FIV/FeLV and she got her first vaccinations. Now I just have to get this girl to understand that this cat shouldnít be an outoor cat. Apparently the cat (sheís a kitten really, only nine months old) peed on a bed in the house so they put her outside. In Winter. Sheís been living in my house for the past week and sheís been perfect. No problems at all. Sheís better behaved than my hooligan bunch. I suspect that the problem was 1. Her litter box is located in the basement and the house is a big, old, two story farmhouse. Getting to the litter box would be an ordeal. And 2. I think the household is rather high stress which never pleases kitties. So I have to get this girl to get more litter boxes in the house and to chill out a bit. And to keep this cat in the house. Poor cat. I keep offering to just keep her but so far this girl isnít having anything to do with that. I think I will be returning the cat to her tomorrow (I had to keep her while she was recovering because this girl didnít think she could keep the cat in the house for ten days) and I am trying to figure out what to do about the cost thing. This girl I work with thinks it will cost about eighty dollars to get a cat spayed. I told her to just give me whatever money she could (she is a single mother of four with a job as a waitress) and I would cover the rest. I have no problem covering the ENTIRE bill but I do want to make sure she knows how much it cost because I donít want her to think it is cheap to acquire animals and responsibly take care of them. That three hundred and fifty is actually pretty cheap for getting a female cat examined, vaccinated, spayed and tested for disease. (she also had a urinalysis to make sure she didnít have a urinary tract infection)

Speaking of pet care costs. Tomorrow I am bringing Beeker to the vet. Heís been sneezing, which isnít such a huge deal, they will probably send me home and tell me to keep an eye on him. I am awfully sensitive about the sneezing now though since that is what Bubby was doing when I took him to the vet in November and then a week later he died. (will I ever recover from this?) I also have been waiting for a reason to take him to the vet because he is my only cat with health insurance and I want to make sure it is usable before I buy it for any of my other eligible cats. (unfortunately they wonít start an insurance policy on a 12 or 15 year old cat so most of my cats are ineligible) I pay $16 a month for this insurance and if they actually pay me back for any of this stuff, that will totally be worth it over the course of Beekerís life.

So that is all.


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