2009-07-08 - 11:10 p.m.

The world becomes overwhelming for me. This is why I (used to) write. To get it all out, all down, to figure it out. I sleep a lot because I need to dream a lot and what dreaming doesn't take care of, I need to write out of me.

I am currently WAAAAAAAAAYYY far behind with both the dreaming it out and the writing it out. Like, years behind. But it's becoming imperative now, my soul is sizzling away with it all.

Current things that I need to get away from my being....

The fact that my stupid, dumbass, motherfucking, ridiculous, rude, neighbors are setting traps in random spots around their yard to catch the raccoon that was in their attic a few weeks ago (and has since vacated). This is a huge ordeal. Pages and pages of ordeal. I am ANGRY.

The fact that one of the girls I work with is going to attempt to claim bankruptcy in order to clear credit card debt. Also a huge ordeal. The fact that she owns "outright" a cottage and four snowmobiles doesn't make her think she should sell something...and then, she announced today that she is going to take a week off to go to the casino.

Also...we have Facebook issues. I went to high school in a hick town. And I am daily having to deal with that sort of mentality now. Not cool. I realize it's important to know all walks of life...but I don't want to be reminded of them every day when I read their status updates or see their updated hunting photos. I really think it would be best if I moved back to Europe where I only understand about 20% of what is being said around me.


That's all I can do right now.


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