2009-06-27 - 11:51 p.m.

I made zero dolllars at work tonight. Zero. Total suck. Total waste of a day.

In other news.

My skin is looking quite great. Probably nobody but me is noticing this change. But it does, it does look great. It's quite liberating to be rid of skin problems.

Also in other news.

*Wow. Strange emotional times these days.

*Tonight I peeked out the window and found that a skunk was eating from the oppossum plates.

*I've been going through boxes of old stuff my mother had taken from her parent's house when my grandfather died. I spent about five hours today reading letters written in the mid 1800's. It's absolutely fascinating and profoundly humbling. Time, generations go by so quickly. It's so strange for me to think that in 150 years somebody distantly related to me might be reading the crap I have stored in a red plastic container in my storage room. I am resolute on two matters now. One, I will write something of value to pass on to my descendants and two, I will type most of it. It's is VERY difficult to read most of the handwriting in these letters, not to mention the weird way they spoke back in 1850. Anyway. The most awesome thing I have come across so far is finding that my great, great (great? I haven't figured out if it's three greats or two yet...his granddaughter was my great grandmother, that's what I know) grandfather was 20 feet from Lincoln when Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. Also cool? All this old Mason stuff I keep finding.

Sadly, my grandfather's side of the family seems to have nothing in these boxes. I've come across one lonely postcard from Italy from some relative of my grandfather's.

So that is it.

Everything is fine and I am just patiently waiting for winter to arrive so I can come out of hibernation.


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