2009-03-16 - 12:38 p.m.

I've decided to start raising hell about things. Yesterday at Meijer I raised a stink about the state of the betta fish. They all had about an inch of fetid water in their tubs. I stayed in the store until I saw that all the tubs were cleaned and filled with fresh water. (I also bought two more fish)

Today I had an appointment at 11:30 for my cat. I got there at 11:23. I was still sitting in the waiting room at 11:55. So I told them I was leaving and no, I didn't want to reschedule. I am so sick of these veterinarians. The least they could have done was tell me they were running a little behind. Or put me in an exam room so Oscar didn't have to see huge dogs right next to him. But they never said a word to me and instead the receptionists sat there talking about phone cords for half an hour.

That is all. I have to go to my stupid mammogram now.

I hope I survive it.


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