2009-03-09 - 9:34 p.m.

I had a rather traumatic day today. I had things sliced off me. I had needles shoved into my breasts. I was ordered to get an early mammogram, breast ultrasound, call a surgeon! And because I am not sure how long our health insurance is going to be around (we are waiting for the rest of the layoffs to occur this week at Eric’s place of employment) I had to schedule these things ASAP. And ASAP happens to be the time of the month when my breasts feel like they’re going to fall off anyway (which is, incidentally, symptomatic of the suspected problem). My first mammogram will occur on the most painful breast day of the month. STUPID FUCKING ECONOMY!!! BURN IN HELL!! Anyway. I have problematic breasts. They are lumpy lumpy lumpy. Today, at my annual exam, they were apparently a little more suspect-ly lumpy than usual. The doctor seemed a bit worried in fact. She decided to thrust needles through my breast and into two different lumps to see if she could draw fluid (which would indicate cyst) but she did not get any fluid (which indicates non-cyst which is apparently a bigger deal than cyst). I will probably have to have these lumps taken out and biopsied. I was also told that I drink too much alcohol (so much for being honest on my forms!) and too much caffeine (who says a pot of coffee a day is bad?). I also need to up my calcium. Getting old is crazy. People start to actually worry about you when you get to 35. It’s weird. Last year, at 34, everything was still the same but no one was freaking out about my weekend consumption of wine or my pot a day habit or my calcium intake being a little short (though it’s probably not since I am a cheese/chocolate milk/ice cream freak). Thirty five is NOT a good age.

Anyway. I got home and found out that my cat has, definitely, hyperthyroidism. I might have to get a third job if the medication doesn’t work because the second option for treatment is radioactive iodine treatment and that costs about $1500. And he’ll have to be away for ten days. I am really hoping the medication works out.

In other news…I don’t really have any except that I gave away my shift tomorrow (to recover from the slicing off of certain things (private private private) on my body and needles shoved into my breast) and I had already given away my Wednesday shift (because I hate Wednesdays and plan to give away my shift every other week when I work three nights at the wine bar) last week. So, I have the next two days off. Which is probably a good thing since I am scheduled for forty hours of work from Thursday to Saturday. Oof.

That is all.


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