2009-02-27 - 7:30 a.m.

Very quickly I have another job. After a minor breakdown on Monday (there was an episode of collapsing on the kitchen floor in a rage of tears!), I regained my strength and resolve and set out of find a second job. Most importantly because of our current economic situation and because IF Eric loses his job (which is very possible), I could not pay the mortgage payment by myself with my current contributions. A couple other reasons I needed another job are...the Wednesday issue. I would do just about anything to not work Wednesdays at my job #1. IF this new second job works out I will be able to get rid of my Wednesday morning shift. Also, I like the idea of having two jobs right now, not having all my eggs in one basket sort of thing. Times are just too weird to depend on one of anything. ANYWAY! Monday I had a breakdown, Tuesday I took action. I was very resolved. After work I went to the first place on my list and applied (and bought a Zingerman's cinnamon roll which I basically inhaled on my way home, dumb). Then I came home and made a list of the other six places I would go the following day. Then I opened my e-mail and found a mail from that winebar where I applied LAST FEBRUARY. The owner was wondering if I was still interested in a job. Which was of course a resounding YES. This is the place I've been wanting to work at for the last year. Every three months or so I send off an email to this guy reminding him of my desire to work there. Finally my pestering paid off! So I started yesterday and so far it seems like it will be a perfect fit for me. It is VERY laid back. Which is great because my day job is extrememly ruled. And I think there is a potential to make a lot of money at this place. So it's great. Great. As long as Eric doesn't lose his job we should actually be able to be a little more financially secure now. Maybe.

So that is all. I feel like my job front is finally, after a year and a half of trying, where I need and want it to be. I'll be working 10-3 Tuesday through Thursday at my job number one and 5-11 on Thursday and Fridays and 6-1 (that will be difficult) on Saturday night. Not bad. I'll still have two full days off a week. The only days that will be changed at all for me are Thursday and Friday when I'll work doubles. I won't be able to go to the gym or do anything else, so that will kind of suck. But I'll survive.

I am also playing the lottery tonight. I could really use that 171 million.


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