2009-01-09 - 6:32 p.m.

So I started that new job about a month ago and it’s going quite well…I’m impatient to get into my fluidity there and today I saw a glimpse of it so that is good. It shouldn’t be too much longer until I can work without having to think about every motion I am making and I cannot wait until that day arrives. The restaurant is busy busy and a five hour shift flies by and it’s perfect. That is perfect. Of course there are things I don’t like about the place, but for the most part it’s good. It’s a good fit. One of the things I don’t like is that they are sticklers for their abbreviations on tickets. So far in my incredible TWENTY YEAR WAITRESS CAREER (jesus god) I have managed to avoid ever having to write “chix” or “stix” or “chz”. I am so overly annoyed with those three abbreviations that I almost have a panic attack every time I have to write them at this new place. All the other restaurants I worked at allowed me to write, “Chick”, “sticks” and “cheese”. Now I can’t. BOOO! I should have quit this dastardly profession while I was ahead!

Nothing else has occurred. I have been focusing on work. Trying to get to that point of fluidity. I’ve been getting eight hours of sleep a night and not doing much of anything else other than preparing for my next shift. I am pathetic right now. But it will get better.

That is all.


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