2008-12-19 - 6:19 p.m.

Huge amounts of snow today! Huge! It was great! I kept getting stuck every time I stopped my car but it was, it was great! I love huge amounts of snow!

I did not get to go dumpster diving last weekend because when we arrived the dumpster was gone. Forever gone. It is awfully sad to think about what was in the dumpster. We did, however, come home with Indian food...which I am still giddy about. The best Indian food in the world, I swear.

Work is going well. I work far far less and make much more money. So that is good. After next week I am upping my hours so we can save some frickin money for once, catch up, do things, get things done. It was hard to want to work when I didn't make any money. Now I am making money and I want to work more. Plus, I really want to get my house situated. We are still not unpacked, mostly because we don't have shelves for things and because I haven't painted anything yet. We need money for both those things.


This place I am working is much better for me. It's way more what I am used to. People actually sit around for a while after their shifts to eat or have a cup of coffee. I missed that aspect.

So that is all. The opposums didn't show up last night and I think there is too much snow for them to show up tonight. Sad.


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