2008-12-14 - 1:35 p.m.

We're driving to Kalamazoo in a little while to go dumpster diving. HAHA! WHOO HOO! Really, we are going dumpster diving. The other day we went to Kalamazoo to pick up the painting I inherited from my grandmother and found that my Dad and Uncle had basically just thrown everything away from my grandparents house. Scrapbooks included. It's quite horrible. So I am going to dig through there and see what treasures I can find. Should be fun.

Then. Then. Then we are getting Indian takeout and driving back home with it.

Last night I had an opossum "die" on my front porch. It was hilarious. He was dead for two hours. No amount of spaghetti or tuna fish waved under his nose could rouse him. Meanwhile, the other possums ate around him and totally ignored him. Then, after being dead for two hours, he just got up and left.

That is all.


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