2008-12-12 - 7:32 a.m.

Fucking moron government just voted to kill my state and the last vestige of manufacturing we had in this country.


I've been trying to believe that this would all work out okay...but now that they've killed the bill, I don't see how it can work out okay. Every single person around me is going to be affected (OH! IS IT AFFECTED OR EFFECTED?) by this. The restaurant where I work will be dead today, as it has been all week (the worst recorded sales there since they opened four years ago) because no one can spend money on this side of the state. At all. We can't spend a dime right now because we are all bracing for the immediate future when we need every penny to try to keep our houses, to make sure we at least have food and running water. It's going to get harsh around here. It's already been's just going to get worse. Sure, give 700 billion to evil credit card companies (I received notice the other day that they were raising my interest rate on my credit card from 10.99 to 18.99, for no apparent reason. I have paid off big balances, I've never missed a payment and I currently have a four hundred dollar balance on it...AND, we just gave them a BUNCH OF MONEY TO KEEP THEM but don't give a very, very small loan to the auto companies at the worst economic time possible. Hey, let's just make this whole financial crisis worse! Sounds great you fucking morons. Sigh. Big sigh. I don't know what we are going to do. **** In other news. Time is stretched out this morning. I always wake two hours before I have to leave. And I never have enough time for everything I like to do before I leave for work (eat, read, shower, make pretty, clean, prepare etc,) but this morning I seem to have an extra hour. It's very odd. That is all.


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