2008-11-22 - 7:34 p.m.

Two of the three pimples are gone, the coldsore is almost gone and I have a spinach pie baking in the oven. So I'm feeling a bit better. And oh so excited to start my new job. I haven't officially quit that other job yet and I kind of don't intend to officially quit this time. I mean, I think I am just going to leave a note with my key after my shift on Tuesday. There won't be any serious, "can I talk to you?" notices given. I won't be sucked in again with promises of change and emphatic pleas for me to stay. But there is a possibility that I may have been fired today after I sent a rather unpleasant text message about his being open on Thanksgiving.


Eric and I stayed home all day today. He's just getting over being sick and I am just recovering from my 24 hour cramp fest. We puttered about...he fixed some things, I cleaned fish tanks and washed some windows. Now we are going to eat spinach pie and watch a movie. This is my kind of weekend.


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