2008-11-20 - 7:22 p.m.

I haven't been having very nice thoughts about people lately. It's making me feel like a very bad person. Shallow. Self-absorbed. Mean.

I am quitting my job tomorrow. Last week I got yelled at because we ran out of Diet Pepsi (I do not do the order nor had I even been in the restaurant for the previous four days so wtf?, right?) and since that was my one thing...I always said if he yelled at me like he yells at everyone else I would leave...I am leaving. Fortunately that place I was going to work at the last time I tried to quit this fucking job still wants me and they were thrilled that I wanted to work there. So I start there after Thanksgiving. Right in time for my pathetic 35th birthday.

I think I am very depressed.

I've been sleeping a lot and otherwise wandering around in a sleep like daze.

I also have three pimples right now. And a coldsore.



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