2008-10-04 - 7:54 p.m.

At the beginning of fifth grade I became best friends with a pretty blonde girl who had just moved to my town. Her name was Peggy K. Later that year our teacher had a special conference with me, and later with my entire class, about how Peggy was going to be away for a week or two and when she came back her name was going to be different. We were supposed to call her Jennifer H. and we weren't supposed to ask her why her name was no longer Peggy K.

As it turned out she had been officially adopted by her foster parents and opted to change her entire name at the time of her adoption. Which seemed odd to me then and always has. I remained friends with Peggy/Jennifer through middle school and highschool and at some point lost contact with her. Then, you know, facebook came along. And today I got a friend request from her and it still seems so very strange to me that she is Jennifer and not Peggy. It just doesn't seem right.


It feels like Christmas at my house today. I don't know why.

We took Fabien to Meijer today, by the time we got to the potato chip aisle he was dizzy with the overabundance of crap we have. He said, "this is like another planet,". Oui.

The good thing about my un-quitting my job is that next week I will have lots of free time to show Fabien around. I want to take him to the big metropark thing we have here. I think we'll bring a thermos of hot chocolate and take a big, long walk. I also want to take him to the tiny, cute little villages around here, Northville and Plymouth to be exact.

So that is all. I took a fabulous walk this evening and got giddy about the soon-ness of snow.


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