2008-09-28 - 10:45 a.m.

Ah...the flaming cheese. It's ridiculous, no? What it is is some sort of "Greek"* cheese dish...basically just kasseri cheese heated in a special pan (I believe it is called a saganaki pan) and then brought to the table, covered in brandy (or in most cases, fake brandy extract) or some other flammable liquid and ignited tableside. I can feel the heat from one of these ignited cheeses from across the restaurant...and I DON'T LIKE it. I am trying to get it outlawed because damn, do I really want to risk burning the beautiful skin off my face just for a fucking dollar tip? And really, there must be some law out there which would make the flaming cheese illegal. It just can't be good for anyone to have a big open flame spitting about in the middle of a packed restaurant. Right?

*I say Greek dubiously, I have a feeling this whole flaming cheese thing is more an American/Greek thing. Much like fortune cookies.

Anyway. Yes, I got the job and I start this week and it is all terribly relieving to know that I won't be in that other place for much longer. I will finish my week there and then be on my merry way. The only bad thing about this new job is that they don't have day positions open at this point. So I will have to work nights for a while until something opens up or until they open their new restaurant (which is going to happen soon-ish). But I'm going to pretend to be okay with this night thing because I know it won't be long until I can work days and just getting into this restaurant is a difficult task...almost everyone I've worked with at my current(ex) job has applied there and not been hired. I'm pretty excited to work at this new place, I am pretty sure that these people actually know how to run a restaurant and also, it is owned and run by women. A family of women. So that will be very nice.

What won't be nice is the upcoming week. I have to train for my new job (2 nights), work at my current(soon to be ex) job 4 days, work at my old job (the wine bar) one night and I would like to also go to Kalamazoo to see my recently widowed grandfather. I also have to clean the house and prepare it because Fabien will be here on Thursday afternoon for his three week stay. Busy busy busy me. I also need to get my ass to the gym at least four times. I need to get into shape again. I am starting to look and feel like a 35 year old woman and I still have a couple months before I am that old.


In other exciting news...the other night when I came home from work I came home to some presents from Eric. FISH! He bought me two Betta fish which he had found suffering in plastic cups at Meijer. He bought them each their own one gallon tank with lights and air bubbles and they are now happily swimming about. I can't stop watching them. They are tres awesome. The cats, except for a couple brief moments, don't seem to notice them at all.

The trees are starting to change color and I am getting very, very anxious for Fall and Winter to arrive. I kind of hope that the weather remains warm for at least another week, though, just so Fabien can experience a Michigan Indian Summer before he experiences a Michigan Fall. I'd also like it to stay warmer for at least another week because if it gets cold then I won't have to work at the winebar on Saturday (because she won't need an extra person due to the patio not being open any longer once it gets chilly) and I really want to work at the winebar on Saturday ($$). So. I'm hoping the weather reports are wrong.

And that is that. Just looking forward to Thursday when Fabien gets here and the DEBATES. Oh. Wows.


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