2008-09-24 - 3:19 p.m.

Tomorrow I probably get to quit my job. !!!! I just got called in for an interview at a restaurant where I should have been working all along had it not been for my extreme laziness and reluctance to upset my routine at all. When I walked into this restaurant yesterday everything just felt perfect and I was almost sick to my stomach thinking about the six months I just wasted being miserable every single day at my current (but not for much longer) job. I cannot wait to say hasta la bye bye to that douche bag I currently (but not for much longer) work for. If I was certain I would get the job tomorrow I would just call someone and cover my shift tomorrow at douche bag central...but I am only 99% certain I will get the job, they might need someone who wants to and can work six days a week, and that's NOT me.


I am very very excited.

If I work there I can wear jeans to work and a red t-shirt. And I won't have to use a stupid tray to carry food! And no flaming cheese!


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