2008-08-29 - 10:05 p.m.

Various things:

I am so tired. I am so tired that I cannot fall asleep.

My grandmother died and my father is slathering her memory with Buddhism shit and this is all going to blow up in somebodies face.

Someone reported that a panther has been spotted in the dumpster where I work. Last night my boss confirmed this sighting. While I know it isn't exactly possible for a panther to be roaming these is possible that these people are seeing a large cat. Like a mountain lion or cougar. Which makes me nervous to get out of my car in the pre-dawn parking lot.

I've decided that I am voiding Augusts for the rest of my life. I will just plan to eat ice cream for every meal and not go to the gym during the 31 days of August. Because that's all I ever do anyway.

The woman who owns that wine bar place where I used to work called me today to see what my availability will be like in the next few weeks because she wants to fire someone who "keeps saying stupid shit to me".

My current job is not going so badly lately. The owner has been EXTRAORDINARILY nice to me and has been on his best behavior when I am around. I don't know how long this will last but it's tricking me into thinking that I might stay there indefinitely.

And yeah, my grandmother died. (on her 83rd birthday) It hasn't sunk in yet. It feels weird. She taught me to tie my shoes.

I am going to bed now.


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