2008-08-05 - 5:58 p.m.

I'm having trouble getting anything accomplished today because of the heat. The laundry has been hanging damply limp on the line for the last eight hours and I can't even put away the dishes in the dishwasher without breaking into a torrential sweat. It was this hot in Spain, and it was also this humid and it was this hot and this humid in Spain for far longer than it is here and oh, I did suffer from it...but damn...I had a swimming pool. (still, I prefer having a winter to the climate of I'm not REALLY complaining, I'm just saying...)

The timing of this heat and humidity is unfortunate because I woke rather motivated today. Not only did I receive three new Tae Bo DVDs in the mail which I would do if it weren't so hot...but I also found a very interesting restaurant (20 miles away) where I would like to apply. I am giddy with excitement to work there. But I started to get ready to go apply there and my shirt was soaking wet within the first five minutes of preparation. So that's all crap. It's possible, however, that it is not the best idea for me to find a new job right now. August is brimming with activity and it's not good to start a new job with an extensive list of days I can't work.


I also dyed my hair way darker than I normally do. This was not intentional but I like it.


I went to see my grandmother yesterday. Life and death are strange. I am very sad to lose her, she alone has been the only person who ever trusted that I was doing the right thing, but at the same time I am almost happy that she is leaving now. I am relieved by it...because I did not want to see her ever get to a point where she would have to leave her house and her studio. I didn't want to ever see her spend years in a nursing home. I wanted her to go exactly like up until the end exactly the way she has been living. Until recently she was still going to see her trainer at the gym. And she was still active with her painting. Absolutely I will miss her...oh she is beautiful...but I am very glad for her that she will not have to endure too much time not living her life.

So that is all. I had a four day vacation from work and I loved it (I do not want to work (who does, right?)) and tomorrow I return to the current hellhole where I officially work and I am dreading it. It is so time to find a new job.

That is all


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