2008-07-24 - 10:46 a.m.

I am beginning to show the signs of enragement. I am a live wire. It is true. I am beginning to despise my fellow humans and especially, my fellow countrymen. Believe me, this country is in a sad state. That movie, Idiocracy? It will probably end up being absolute truth.


I've been dealing with morons. I am trying to get things for my cats, medications, food, advice...and so far no one has come through for me. I place orders (plural times) with vets and my orders never arrive. The people who put my fence in totally ignored the flags that said "ELECTRICITY! HAND DIG!" and dug through the electric cables buried in my yard and cost me an important day. My boss screamed at me because of a lost TWO DOLLAR ketchup spicket. The pet store girl didn't know what botulism is when I asked if they had any undented cans of cat food. The people to whom I paid $700 to a few weeks ago to fix my air conditioner did not fix my air conditioner...and it's likely that this will not only end up costing me more money. Additionally, I've been melting. I won't go into the details of the vet related business...because no one cares. But it's been very ridiculous, the things I've been dealing with. People, in general, are extremely unprepared for their jobs. I don't know what is going on. But in the years that I was gone, it does appear that people became way more inept than they ever were before. Sorry to say.

Anyway. On a brighter note. After an Oberon weekend (oh! on Friday I mowed the lawn in ninety degree weather and then came inside and had an ice cold Oberon with half an orange squeezed in it...phenomenal!) I had an inspiration for my kitchen that will not involve removing the orange countertops! It will be funky-riffic...but it will be fabulous in there.

Eric and I went to that large Swedish furniture store on Saturday and bought things. Two rather inexpensive projects completely changed the look and feel of our we are both rather charged up now to finally get moving on the whole moving in and decorating thing. Well, I'm charged about the decorating and Eric is charged about the moving in thing. He's been unpacking boxes like a mad man.

Also on Saturday...I sent out an inquiry about adoption procedures.



That is correct.

It will be a long road and that's okay because neither of us is exactly prepared right now for a ten year old (that is the age I will be looking for). Ducks need to assemble first. But when they are assembled, I plan to be ready to move on it.

I've not been writing here as often as I need to. I have lots of things to talk about. I've been very withdrawn lately. I'm not even talking to myself.


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