2008-07-09 - 5:18 a.m.

I've been trying, for weeks, to get that place where I work to only schedule me for four shifts. This week they finally listened to me (which is rather ironic considering that I am also working two shifts at that wine place I worked at right after my triumphant (bah!) return to America and so I will be working six shifts anyway) and scheduled me four shifts. I was excited about it yesterday and told the girl who does the scheduling that this schedule, the four days, was much more sustainable for me. She then informed me to not get used to it because they need me five or six days a week. I have no idea how to get the point across that I cannot work that much.

In other news.

I've half decided to become a French major. Mostly because I plan to live out the majority of my years there. But also because France (and writing) are the only two things I am interested enough in to keep me occupied while I am pursuing a stupid degree. And it's pretty evident that I need to get off my ass pretty soon here and get a degree. I'm kind of tired of being a waste of space on this planet.

Also. Long story short. The fucking fence people damaged an electrical cable while they were digging fence posts in my yard. This resulted in a fourth of July power outage.

Also also. I am on a diet. Starting right now.

That is all.


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