2008-06-11 - 2:58 p.m.

Things are not much improved around here although today, for the first time in a month, I have a day off alone. I should also have tomorrow off but I am currently waiting here, dreading the sound of the phone ringing, for the place where I work to tell me that I have to come in tomorrow. Because since Sunday night the restaurant has been beyond capacity, over our heads, slammed. We are one of the only restaurants in the area with power. And it's been a nightmare. Some of the girls have been working double shifts since Sunday and I've only worked two shifts (one was 9 hours, one was 10) of non-stop running my ass off sweating so much that I was dripping sweat bubbles on the I should feel fortunate because I honestly have no idea how they are pulling it off, the double shifts. I was at a breaking point yesterday and when I was asked to come in today I pretty much just laughed and said no way. I would have ended up getting fired, anyway, if I had come in today. I have been so frustrated. Being overly slammed there just brings to reality how un-efficient (er, that would be inefficient) and un-workable that place is. And, people are more ass-y than normal right now because no one has had power since Sunday (and some of them since Friday). I couldn't believe how many rude people I encountered in the last few days. How dare they get mad at us when we are very visibly over our heads with customers? What are we supposed to do? If you want great service and great food (I had a lady get totally bent out of shape because her toast wasn't toasted enough and when I brought her another fucking order while trying to wait on my other 16! tables she got totally pissed because it was TOO toasted) don't go to the only restaurant in the area with power during prime breakfast hours. Fucking morons. And if you do have to act like sheep and go to breakfast or lunch at the exact time as everyone else...don't expect much from your experience. People are amazing.

Anyway. I was so ready for a day off to myself. I've been puttering around, not getting anything done that I need to get done...but it's nice to just be alone for a while. And I really hope that I get to have tomorrow to myself too. Especially because I have to get up early to take my car in (before my big trip to Chicago next week to see my brother graduate from the valedictorian no less!) and that would mean I would have lots of extra hours to myself.

In other news. My husband appears to be the deer whisperer. My deer, the one who has been watching me from the thicket for a couple weeks now and who graced me with a sighting of her lovely little fawn during a misty rain, has taken a liking to Eric. He can now sit at the edge of the lawn and make beckoning noises for her and she comes out of the thicket to see him. Yesterday she emerged and sauntered into our yard and stared at us from a distance of about 15 feet. I imagine that by next week it would be possible to hand feed her but I am vehemently trying to discourage that. Because, you know, taming wild beasts is not good.


That is all.


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